WCOL Update (27th February 2019)

ICDE World Conference Update – 27th February 2019

We have two important news items in this update on the ICDE World Conference on Online Learning.

Firstly, we are delighted to let you know that registrations are now officially open for this year’s World Conference in Dublin. We offer a number of payment options including credit card or an invoice to your institution or organisation. Please make sure that you obtain a purchase order number before starting the registration process and familiarise yourself with Visa requirements.

Secondly, over the past week we have been overwhelmed by requests to extend the paper submission date. In response to this demand and numerous email requests the Conference Organising Committee has agreed to extend the date for submissions for all types of papers until Monday 1st April. This date is the latest that we can extend submissions for Full Papers as any further extension would comprise the time available for the blind peer review process. Authors have until 1st July 2019 to revise their Full Papers in light of feedback so that their work can be included in the published World Conference Proceedings and is eligible to be considered for one of the best paper awards. We will share more information about these awards and the ICDE Awards for Innovation in future conference updates.

Finally, we would like to invite you to view and share amongst your professional networks our latest video promoting this year’s ICDE World Conference. The video offers a glimpse of the award-winning venue at the Convention Centre right in the heart of Dublin.