Latest News (21st May 2019)

In this brief World Conference update we want to tell you all you about the great pre-conference events that we have planned for Sunday 3rd November 2019. The main conference starts later in the morning on Monday 4th November with a formal welcome and some great speakers but the pre-conference is something that we hope you have marked in your calendar. It takes place on Dublin City University’s (DCU) St Patrick’s Campus that is just a short bus or taxi ride from the centre of Dublin. A taxi will cost you about €10:00. The campus located in the intercity suburb of Drumcondra is home to more than 4000 students in DCU’s Institute of Education and only about 30 minutes walk from the city centre if you prefer to get some early morning exercise.

The day starts with tea and coffee on arrival and then a formal welcome to DCU including a unique cultural experience. This is followed by three breakout workshops and the ICDE Global Presidents’ Summit, which is open to senior institutional leaders by invitation. The website provides more information about how you can apply to participate in the Presidents’ Summit. After a busy morning programme the different groups come together again for a combined lunch where we will be joined by participants attending the Doctoral Research Symposium which takes place over the afternoon. A real highlight of the pre-conference event will be guided tours of DCU’s state of the art Library along with the “Lego Education Innovation Studio” and the “Microsoft Minecraft Lab” both purposefully designed to promote highly engaging forms of hi-tech, hi-touch learning.

At the end of the day participants will again come back together for a short 10-minute walk to DCU’s historic All Hallows Campus for a pre-conference reception. This final part of the day includes a guided tour of the campus where you will have an opportunity to visit the impressive Capel which is steeped in history. This will be another major highlight of the pre-conference event. We really hope you take this unique opportunity to participate in Sunday’s programme as it will give you a chance to formally register for the conference and meet other delegates from over 50 countries attending this year’s ICDE World Conference.

To summarise, here are five great reasons why you should attend the pre-conference event we have planned for you in Dublin:

  1. Get to see DCU’s St Patrick’s Campus which is home to Ireland’s and one of Europe’s largest Institutes of Education with over 4,000 students studying courses from Early Childhood Education through to Adult Education.
  2. Participate in some great workshops, doctoral research symposium and/or Global Leadership Summit where you will get the chance to meet some new colleagues from around the world.
  3. Take a guided tour of the “Lego Education Innovation Studio” and “Microsoft Minecraft Lab” where you will learn about how DCU’s Institute of Education is preparing tomorrow’s teachers for today.
  4. Finish the day with a reception and brief guided tour of DCU’s historic All Hallows Campus where you will get to visit our impressive Capel steeped in history.
  5. Complete your registration for the full conference starting on Monday so that you avoid having to arrive early and can plan in advance what you wish to attend over the course of the next four-days.

On other conference news the Dublin team has been busy over the past week visiting the conference venue and hosting one of our Gold sponsors from Brazil. We will be formally announcing the organisations supporting the ICDE World Conference in the next few weeks but if you haven’t already checked them out on the website then we invite you to do so, as currently there are 25 professional bodies and associations from around the world who have committed to being official conference partners.

Lastly, we continue to encourage you to follow our Twitter account (@WCOL2019) and/or the ICDE’s and National Institute for Digital Learning’s (NIDL) Linkedin sites for regular updates and information on the World conference. In our next ICDE World Conference we will be sharing more information about our great line up of keynote speakers and what we have planned for you over the four-days of the conference programme.