Latest News (18th June 2019)

In this ICDE World Conference on Online Learning update we would like to remind you that the early bird registration date of Monday 1st July is now less than 2-weeks away. Excitement is really building as we count down to this date, especially as a steady stream of revised abstracts and full paper submissions are being submitted through the conference submission portal. Authors have until this date to revise and confirm their submissions so that we can start assigning papers to the various tracks over each day of the conference. Please note that if authors do not register by the early bird date then your accepted paper will remain on hold until such time as your registration is confirmed.

All titles, abstracts and scheduling details will be available from the conference website in a draft form over the next few months and several weeks prior to the conference you will be able to view more information, including author biographies contact details, etc., through our dedicated conference app. We will provide more information about this app in future updates and our fortnightly conference newsletter, which we plan to launch next week. You may recall that we were hoping to have our conference newsletter ready to launch last week but all good things take time!

On a related note, our judging panel has already identified a long-list of potential nominees for best paper awards. As you can imagine with over 600 submissions selecting the best papers for these prestigious paper awards is a challenging but rewarding task. Lead authors will be contacted by the end of September if their paper has been short-listed for an award under one of the submission categories. We even have an award at the conference for the best paper title across all categories. All short-listed full papers will be invited to submit their paper in a special conference issue of the ICDE journal Open Praxis. While all full-papers will be available for you to read during the conference it is our intention to publish them under a Creative Commons Licence (CCL) afterwards in an edited collection that meets relevant indexing requirements.

Lastly, please remember to follow us on Twitter and/or LinkedIn for further “bite sized” conference updates as we share just in time and just enough information about our event planning and various options you may like to explore whilst spending time in Dublin our visiting other parts of Ireland. Also please feel free to let us know what you would find useful in future updates and in our fortnightly conference newsletter as we are committed to providing you with as much helpful information prior to the conference.