Can I still submit an abstract?

While paper submissions have closed please email the Conference Chair (mark.brown@dcu.ie) if you wish to apply to submit a late paper due to unforeseen circumstances.

Can I get a signed acceptance letter for my paper?

Yes, please email emily@happeningconferences.com to request a letter.

When will I be told my presentation time and date?

We are working on the programme and anticipate that final programme details will be available by early October.

Can I request a specific day or timeslot for my presentation?

At this stage we cannot promise to schedule your paper on a specific day of the conference but you can make a request by sending an email to judy@happeningconferences.com

Do I need to prepare a written paper for my Concise Paper presentation?

No, for Concise Papers only an abstract is required (maximum 250 words), which will be published in the conference proceedings.

Where can I find the Guidelines and Template for Full Papers?

Please click here to access the template.

Can I request an extension beyond 1st July to submit my Full Paper?

Unfortunately no extension to the due date is anticipated as the number of Full Papers is already oversubscribed and we need time to compile the conference proceedings.

How can I request a change of category from a Full Paper to a Concise Paper?

Please email gabriella@happeningconferences.com to request a change of paper category.

What happens to my accepted paper if I missed the Early Bird Registration date?

Ideally to reserve your place in the conference programme you need to formally register by 1st July but we appreciate for various reasons this may not be possible. Authors after this date will in placed in a holding category where papers will be accepted for inclusion in the conference programme on a first-come, first-served basis. What this means is that there is no guarantee your paper will be included in the programme until such time as your registration is confirmed.

If I apply for a Visa and this is declined can I claim a refund on my conference registration fee?

Yes, please email gabriella@happeningconferences.com if you have any questions about Visa requirements and/or see the relevant page on the conference website. It is a requirement that your conference registration is paid before we are able to issue you with a letter for your Visa application.

Have the Learning Transformation Scholarships been awarded and if so to whom?

Successful recipients of the scholarships were notified at the end of May and more information about the 12 awardees will be shared on the conference website

How do I make a group registration?

Please use the following link to make a group booking: https://happening.eventsair.com/world-conference-on-online-learning/groupregistration

How far away is the Convention Centre Dublin (CCD) from the centre of the city?

The CCD is within easy walking distance from most central city hotels and is also accessible by a light tram/rail system known as the Luas (Red Line). For those who know Dublin the CCD is approximately 15 minutes walk from the historic Temple Bar area.

What is the best way of getting to the Sunday pre-conference event at Dublin City University’s (DCU) St Patrick’s campus

You can catch a taxi from O’Connell Street or your central city hotel which on Sunday should take about 10 to 15 minutes and cost no more than €15:00. Alternatively from O’Connell Street you can catch bus numbers 1, 13, or 16 which will drop you right outside DCU’s St Patrick’s campus.

How safe is it to walk around the centre of Dublin?

Like many larger cities a little common sense is required but generally you should feel safe to explore the streets of Dublin. During the day the streets are busy with both locals and tourists and you can feel quite safe.  A little more caution is required after dark and we recommend you avoid walking on your own.

When will the formal conference proceedings be published?

All papers will be available via the conference app during the conference and afterwards Full Papers will be published as an edited collection of works arising from the ICDE World Conference.

Will the conference proceedings be published under a Creative Commons Licence?

Yes, the conference team is committed to supporting and promoting open access scholarship.

Will the conference proceedings meet the requirements for SCOPUS (or equivalent) indexing?

It is our intention to ensure that the edited collection of Full Papers arising from the ICDE World Conference meets these requirements.

Will any of the conference presentations be live streamed for those who are unable to attend in person?

Yes, the conference team is committed making the conference as accessible as possible and all of the main plenary sessions will be available via live streaming or shortly afterwards as video recordings?

Will the conference venue have a faith room?

Yes, there will be a dedicated inter-faith room available throughout the conference.

Who do I contact if I have any registration questions or problems?

Please contact gabriella@happeningconferences.com

Submitted abstracts

  • How do I view my reviewer comments?

If you have had a paper accepted for the conference, you will have received an email with the subject heading “Acceptance of abstract for the World Conference on Online Learning 2019”.  Within this email, there is a paragraph which starts:

Please click here to return to your submission, to view Reviewer comments and to edit your abstract (for instructions please click here).

Please click on the links within your personalised email and you will be taken into the abstract submission portal without the need to sign in. Please click on the link to the instruction document if you need help finding the reviewer comments within the portal.

  • What if I cannot see an “Edit” button?

If your abstract has been “Accepted” then you will not see an Edit button.  If your abstract has been “Accepted – with edits” then you will see an Edit button.  If you would like to make changes to an “Accepted” abstract, please email judy@happeningconferences.com to request this.

  • How do I register for the Conference?

In the email you received with the subject heading “Acceptance of abstract for the World Conference on Online Learning 2019” there is a paragraph which starts:

Important: For your abstract to be included in the programme, please register by Monday 1st July 2019 (early bird rate). Register by clicking here.

Please click on the link within your personalised email and you will be taken to the online registration portal without the need to sign in.  If you use the link in your personalised email, your registration will be linked to your abstract in the same account.  If you use the Registration link in the website and set up a new account, your registration will not be linked to your abstract.  This may cause an issue when we check which papers have a registered presenter.

  • What if I cannot find my notification email?

If you are unable to find the email you received with the subject heading “Acceptance of abstract for the World Conference on Online Learning 2019” please email judy@happeningconferences.com to request a copy.

Please let us know if there are any FAQs missing from the above list that you think conference delegates would find helpful. Please email: emily@happeningconferences.com